Who’s In The Kitchen?

Candice Bourgeois

Meet Candice:

A Mother to Miles (1yr), Chef, teacher, and Paulie’s little sister. He’s been picking on her for as long as she can remember, but they’ve figured that out now. She’s an educator both in and out of the kitchen where she incorporates developmentally appropriate practices to feeding babies,  toddlers……. oh, and the big kids in the house too, the adults!

Candice offering a variety to the kiddos

Paulie Valetutti

Meet Paulie:

Candice’s big brother! A Father, Chef, and a Leader. He’s been honing in his skills in the kitchen as a chef and leader for over 15 years. His creativity and patience shine throughout each of his days, whether he’s menu planning the week for his daughter Isabella (2yr), or prepping for a gathering with our loved ones. 

Paulie and his daughter Isabella cooking dinner together

it’s not official ’til it’s on the ‘book

we did it for the ‘gram